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Trauma | How to Understand and Respond to It


Trauma and PTSD can take a huge emotional toll on you and your loved ones. It impacts our perception of reality, our view of ourselves and those closest to us. If you or a loved one are suffering and want answers then this Trauma Course is a great place to start. Our team of counselors have put together some amazing information and actionable right now strategies that will help you to live a healthy life again, and enable you to work through your feelings of fear, pain, and grief. Regardless of how you got here, there is a way forward.
Sign up today and start your journey towards understanding Trauma, hope and healing.
* This course is not a continuing education course for counselors, nor is it a substitute replacement for counseling.

Course Curriculum

Start Here
Start Here 00:02:00
How to Recognize Symptoms of PTSD
Introduction To Section 00:02:00
What is a Trauma Event? 00:07:00
What is a Trauma Response and PTSD? 00:07:00
Closing Advice & Common Mistake 00:03:00
A Note to Leaders 00:02:00
Common Reactions to Trauma
Introduction To Section 00:02:00
Shutting Down 00:05:00
Dissociation or Blocking Out 00:07:00
Hyper Awareness 00:05:00
Common Mistake 00:02:00
Closing Advice 00:02:00
How to Help My Loved One Who’s Dealing with Trauma
Introduction To Section 00:02:00
6 Important Tactics 00:07:00
Closing Advice & Common Mistake 00:02:00
A Note to Leaders 00:02:00
Treating Trauma in Kids and Teens
Introduction To Section 00:01:00
What Classifies as a “Trauma”? 00:03:00
What Are the Key Signs of Trauma? 00:04:00
Early Treatment is Crucial & Closing Advice 00:02:00
How Couples Can Work Through PTSD & Trauma
Introduction To Section 00:01:00
Forward Thinking vs. Overly Debriefing 00:04:00
Make a Plan for Crisis Situations 00:04:00
Building Emotional Connection, Attachment, and Security 00:04:00
3 Key Thoughts to Remember 00:03:00
The Myth of PTSD 00:03:00
Closing Advice & Common Mistake 00:02:00
What Kind of Help is Available for Trauma Recovery
Introduction To Section 00:02:00
Connect with Others 00:02:00
What Therapy Approach Should You Seek 00:02:00
EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) 00:05:00
Closing Advice & Common Mistake 00:02:00

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