Lesson 3: The Anterior Cingulate Effect


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The Anterior Cingulate Effect


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#1 Mistake Everyone Makes 

The Fastest Way for You to Learn About Trauma!

What You'll Discover our Full Trauma Course:


How to understand the mental illness and what it does


How to have a healthier relationship with less stress


How to respond to PTSD and trauma in a healthy way


Strategies for moving toward healing and hope


How to live a happier, healthier life together

Do You Want to Better Understand Your Loved One and Their Mental Illness?

Relationships are hard when things are “going perfect.” Adding mental illness to the mix makes life messy, painful and unpredictable. That’s why Mental Health Academy was created, to help ease your pain. Most of our pain comes from not knowing or understanding what’s going on with a particular mental illness, and how it’s affecting your loved one or yourself.

Do You Want to Confidently Respond to Their Very Real Needs?

Yes! We’re glad to hear that. In our courses you will be given a complete picture of a specific mental illness along with real life tips, and actionable steps that you can take to immediately build a healthy relationship. No more confusion or wondering how you’ll face the roller coaster of life with mental illness. Mental Health Academy is here to take the mystery away, and give you the knowledge and the tools you need to have relationships that last! The time is NOW to get our first course: Trauma.

What Others Are Saying:


Dr. Don Detrick Executive Leader, Northwest Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God

"As an executive leader in a network serving more than 1400 ministers, I interact with a lot of pastors and their families who sometimes find themselves needing pastoral care and counseling. The Mental Health Academy provides some great resources for them in helping them navigate their own challenges, and to better understand the challenges in the lives of those they serve."

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