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Inattentive vs Hyperactivity & Why It Matters

Inattentive vs Hyperactivity




ADHD | Inattentive vs Hyperactive | Why It Matters. A lot of times people will comment that they are “so ADD” or because they are forgetful or distracted. There’s much more to a diagnosis than this. Below to the link to the DSM5 diagnostic criteria. http://bit.ly/DSM5HHF

It’s important to know the differences in the types so that you can target the symptoms you are experiencing during your treatment and to simply have a better understanding of yourself so that you both accept yourself and learn what works for you.

See where you or a loved one fall: http://bit.ly/DSM5HHF

The best thing to do if you suspect that you or a loved one have ADHD is to see a psychiatrist or psychologist to do a proper evaluation.

More videos can be watched here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6M8O… . . .

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